Our Mission

Convenience without Compromise

We love real food and cooking from scratch but if we’re being honest, we also love convenience.

Most commercially purchased packaged foods (even the organic ones!) contain ingredients that either A: require you to be a rocket scientist to read them or B: give you a headache trying to pronounce them.

Since most people aren’t rocket scientists, and we certainly don’t want you to have a headache, The Real Pantry created a line of products that are FREE from any yicky ingredient.

That means *our products are free from*: preservatives, additives, artificial flavors and colors, “natural” flavors, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), soy, and highly processed salt and sugar.

Basically, if you can’t find it in your pantry, you won’t find it in our products.

We care about ingredients so much that our baking mixes are creating with an aluminum-FREE baking powder and our garlic powder is sourced from the United States instead of China.

Who loves you? We do!

We believe it is possible to create convenience in the kitchen without settling for mediocre quality.

We take pride in crafting our products by hand in small batches, with sustainably sourced organic ingredients, and with an incredible amount of love.

beyond organic

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