I am officially starting the process of closing The Real Pantry.

The good news is, I’m not closing The Real Pantry because it’s not doing well. In fact, it’s steadily growing which feels like an accomplishment despite being able to devote lots of time and effort into it because my first priority are my children.

If it’s doing good. . . why close it?

The reason I’m closing The Real Pantry is because it’s just not my calling in life. As much as I love helping others, and as much as I love food, I have realized that this is not something I see myself doing in the future. I was fearful to admit that initially, but know that it is so important to follow my heart and not be fearful of change. So many go through life not 100% happy but are comfortable where they are. I don’t want to paint that as the story of my life. I have big things I’m doing with my life and unfortunately The Real Pantry is just not part of it. I plan to take my experiences over the last 2 years with The Real Pantry and apply it to something bigger, and better. Not sure what that is at this moment, but I know the future has something amazing in store for me.

I am so incredibly thankful and blessed beyond words for all that has come to me through The Real Pantry – whether it be creating connections or learning important life lessons about perseverance.

So what next?

When you head to the website, you will see products deeply discounted. I will be keeping The Real Pantry open until I run out of inventory so if you’re wanting to stock up, please do that as soon as possible.

One of the biggest reasons that kept me from closing The Real Pantry was YOU. So many people depend on my products to feed their family safe food, with the convenience of not having to make it themselves. It ached my heart to think of not being able to offer the goodness of The Real Pantry anymore.

Then I thought of a solution. . .

Once I run out of everything, I will offer each individual recipe for sale as a PDF download, or a have a bundle price for all of them. This way, The Real Pantry can live on in your kitchens long after I close up shop.

Thank you again, from every cell of my body for your support through this all! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, etc.

Also, if you aren’t part of the VIP FB group, it might be good to be in there because I will be offering special deals to those in there, as well as offering products that may not necessarily be listed on the website.