How it All Began

A family friend sent me an email when my son was 9 months old that totally, and completely rocked my world. I couldn’t believe what I read about how a popular food so many parents were giving their babies was terrible for their little bodies. I was shocked, angry, and determined to make sure my child would no longer eat food that harmed his sweet little body.

Over the next 5 years, I changed my family’s lifestyle — from the food we ate, the stuff we put on our bodies, the products we purchased, and how we viewed life in general. As you can imagine, I cooked a lot from scratch. I scoured farmer’s markets looking for what was in season and made sure I read the ingredient label of every single product I picked up in the store. At first it was time consuming, but as I became more familiar with the “red flags,” the quicker I became at determining whether or not I wanted to feed it to my family.

I became passionate about reading labels and finding real food options that not only tasted better than the classics, but was so much better for mine and my family’s health.

During that time, I perfected an Italian Seasoning that made literally every dish taste good, a Taco Seasoning that had the perfect amount of spice (not too hot for the kiddo), and a French Onion mix that people literally raved over every time I brought it to a family get together.

After numerous times of hearing how delicious my French Onion Dip was or how flavorful my tacos were, I decided it was time to try something new — to create and sell them to others.

I love hearing how people are getting back into the kitchens and making their versions of Taco Seasoning or from scratch waffles — and I encourage everyone to DIY everything they can. I also know how busy lives can be (seriously sometimes I wonder how I’m still keeping my head above water) so I want The Real Pantry to offer you healthy pre-packaged options without compromising your health.

From my family to yours, enjoy these delicious real food pantry options!

~ With love, Loriel – creator/owner/handcrafter