herbs de provence vinaigrette recipe

Did you know there is a difference between what constitutes a vinaigrette versus a dressing?

Just like this Herbs De Provence Vinaigrette Recipe, vinaigrettes consist mainly of an oil (think olive, avocado) mixed with something acidic (whether it be balsamic vinegar like we used in this recipe or another vinegar or citrus juice). Vinaigrettes typically dress salad greens, or other cold vegetable, meat, or fish dishes.

Dressing is really an all encompassing term which means you basically slather it on anything that you like that particular flavor on – our Real Food Ranch dressing literally goes good on everything. Dressings generally are mixed in a base of yogurt, mayonnaise, sour cream, or even avocado, then seasoned with either dry or fresh herbs, garlic, and more.

Today we’re sharing a super simple vinaigrette recipe using our Herbs De Provence blend because it never hurts to have another recipe in your back pocket.

Our Herbs De Provence is a lovely combination of the following fragrant herbs: organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic english lavender, organic marjoram, organic summer savory, organic parsley, organic oregano, and organic tarragon.

Herbs De Provence also shines wonderfully in grilled meats and vegetables, baked salmon, as a dressing for cold cooked vegetable dishes, roasted potatoes, eggs, and even as a seasoning in olive oil to dip bread into and drink with wine.

This particular Herbs De Provence Vinaigrette recipe takes only 5 minutes to make and is literally bursting in flavor with every bite you take of your favorite mixed greens.

herbs de provence vinaigrette recipe

Herbs De Provence Vinaigrette Recipe

Makes 1/2 cup, approximately. Total time: 5 minutes



Combine all dressing ingredients in lidded jar and shake vigorously.

Note: You can adjust vinegar, salt and pepper to your taste.