Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing (Vegan, Vegetarian)

I could not be more excited to share this Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing with you! I have tried my hand at a couple different dairy-free ranch dressings...
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Herbs de Provence Green Beans & Roasted Grape Tomatoes

This recipe for Herbs de Provence Green Beans and Roasted Grape Tomatoes makes the perfect side dish for oven roasted chicken or a grilled steak...
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Herbs De Provence Vinaigrette Recipe

Did you know there is a difference between what constitutes a vinaigrette versus a dressing? Just like this Herbs De Provence Vinaigrette Recipe,...
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Lemon Veggie Orzo Pasta

Sometimes you need a meal that is light on the belly and quick to make -- that is not yet another salad. We get it! We're happy to introduce you to...
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French Onion Potato Soup

We know you'll love this French Onion Potato Soup for 5 main reasons. It's: Crock-pot / InstantPot friendly Family-friendly Freezer-friendly Hearty...
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3 Loaded Dip Recipes

There's nothing wrong with the classic way to mix up our Real Food Ranch and French Onion into a dip, but let's face it -- sometimes we want a...
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Pumpkin Pie Filling (Without Condensed Milk!)

Call us old fashioned but we believe no Thanksgiving holiday is complete without a big ol' hunk of pumpkin pie topped with overflowing whipped...
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Crockpot Tex-Mex Chicken and Beans Stew

Are you a one-timer crock pot person or a well-seasoned user of crockpots? I admit, I don't use it as much as I should; and every time I do, I...
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Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

The frosting is what makes the cake, cupcake, quick-bread, or cookie -- are we right? That's why it's super important to totally ditch the frostings...
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Homemade Italian Dressing

At The Real Pantry, we believe good food doesn't have to be complicated and there's no need for fancy, expensive ingredients. Some of the best foods...
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Real Life Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our awesome customers have to say about The Real Pantry!


My husband came home from work and the first thing he said was “ooohhh what smells so good?” I was cooking Loriel’s Country Skillet Breakfast Potatoes with The Real Pantry Italian Seasoning. They were absolutely delicious and they added a ton of great flavor to the potatoes. My family asked me to make them again the next day.

Kelli F.


I often make my own taco seasoning, but I love having one of these packets on hand when I just need something I don’t need to think about. It’s great to spice up tacos, meat to top hash browns or baked potatoes, fajitas, chilis and soups, and more. Delicious and WAY better than the store-bought packets!



This dip is the BOMB! It lasted about 6 seconds in our house.

Kylie W.


I’ve tried to do a homemade ranch blend on my own but your blend is perfect. I don’t feel guilty about my little boy chowing down veggies with ranch made with such good ingredients.


The Real Pantry gives me peace of when i want to quickly prepare a meal or snack for my family because I know Loriel only uses the best ingredients to create her blends. My favorite is the French onion dip blend. I love having it in the pantry in case there is an unexpected visitor or two and we are in need a snack. It’s something I can create quickly… And it disappears just as fast!

Claire T.